What We Offer:

● Medication management        ● Chiropractics        ● Massage therapy

● Psychiatric Care for Treatment of Chronic Pain  and other Dual Diagnosis that go with it

● Moderate Complexity Urine Drug Screening - Ensuring Patient Safety

What is chronic pain? Acute pain can last a moment; rarely does it become chronic pain. Chronic pain persists for long periods. It is resistant to most medical treatments and cause severe problems, both physical and psychological.

Chronic or Acute Pain and Neurological Disabilities Treatments

  • Severe, intractable, persistent pain of the head, neck, back and joints.
  • Numbness and tingling sensation of the extremities; muscle pain, muscle weakness, muscle stiffness and tremors.
  • Injuries to the brain, spinal cord and any peripheral, axis nerve.
  • Painful joints of any kind, due to trauma, inflammation or arthritis; tendinitis or bursitis.
  • Peripheral nerve entrapments such as carpal tunnel (Median nerve), foot drop (peronel nerve), wrist drop (Radial nerve).
  • Persistent pain of the neck, back or shoulder after whiplash in automobile accidents.
  • Severe neuropathic pain in the face due to Trigeminal neuralgias.
  • Severe, persistent, burning pain after shingles (Post herpetic neuralgias).
  • Acute and chronic, traumatic and no traumatic sciatica.
  • Severe pain neck, thorax or back due to “pinched nerves”.
  • Severe, persistent pain after single or multiple back surgeries (Post laminectomy).
  • Painful neuromas.
  • Severe, disabling burning pain of diabetic peripheral neuropathies.
  • Complicated autonomic conditions such as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), formerly known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).