Where is Comfort and Wellness Centers of Virginia located?

  • Click here to find our location or give us a call at 703-573-1282.


What are the hours for Comfort and Wellness Centers of Virginia?

Mon-Thurs 8:30am-4:30pm, 


What insurances does Comfort and Wellness Centers of Virginia take?

Our office is currently “In-Network” for the following insurances:

  • Medicare


  • Our office is currently in negotiations to become “In-Network” providers for the following insurances:
    • Tricare (Prime and Standard)
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO and Open Access)
    • Anthem Healthkeepers and Healthkeepers Plus
    • Aetna (PPO and Open Access)
    • Cigna (PPO and Open Access)
    • United Healthcare (PPO)
    • Humana
    • Workers’ Comp (Patient must supply all the information regarding their claim)
    • CareFirst
  • Please contact our office or check back here for updates on insurance contracting.


How do I schedule an appointment at Comfort and Wellness Centers of Virginia?

  • You can schedule an appointment by sending us an online request or by contacting us directly at 703-573-1282 and following the prompts. Appointment times vary depending on the provider you wish to see, but we will try our best to accommodate your request.


Can you bill me for my appointment?

  • All payments/copayments must be made prior to being seen by a provider. Our billing department will estimate the patient responsibility for services to be rendered and this amount will be collected at the time of the appointment. We will make every effort to collect for services from your insurance company, however, any unpaid amounts are the patients responsibility.


What is your Inclement Weather Policy?

  • If the decision is made by our management team to close the office due to inclement weather, every effort will be made to contact all patients with appointments to attempt to inform and reschedule them. Once the decision is made, our answering service will be updated. Please call our office at any time to leave a message should you decide to cancel your appointment due to weather or if you are unsure if we will be open.

How should I prepare for my new patient appointment?

For new patients, we will need from you:

  • (a) – An original government-issued ID from Virginia
  • (b) – An MRI report, within two years. If you do not have one, we will order for you at your first visit.
  • (c) – At least three months of medical record.
  • (d) – A completed New Patient Packet (hyperlink to forms)
  • (B) and (C) must be reviewed by our physician prior to making an appointment to assure you are an appropriate candidate for pain management


As a specialist office, we can only treat chronic pain patients who have tried at least three months of pain management at the primary care or other specialist office.

Our drug test policy is among the toughest in the region.  Unfortunately, in recent months we have had to discharge up to 50 patients a month due to aberrant drug test results.  There is no “second chance” except for the most extraordinary circumstances.

We test urine at three levels:

– Cup test: quick screening for 12 drugs;

– Immunoassay test: high-complexity testing for 14 drugs;

- Confirmation testing at an outside independent laboratory


What can I expect at my first appointment?

  • At your first appointment, you can expect a thorough evaluation by one of our providers. They will conduct an extensive review of your medical and surgical history, as well as any imaging brought to your appointment. The provider will also conduct a physical exam to determine your limitations and pain levels. Your provider will then recommend a specific treatment plan.  You will then have the opportunity to schedule any further appointments needed.


How do I reach my doctor during business hours?

  • Call 703-573-1282 and follow the prompts. Once you are connected with a representative, please let them know who your provider is so they can forward the message along. 


If I have a billing question, how do I reach the billing department?

  • If you receive a bill and have a question on your account, please contact our billing department directly. Call 703-573-1282 and select option #4.

What happens if I lose my medication?

How can I get my medical records?

  • All request for medical records must have an appropriate completed release form signed by the patient. The release form may be signed in the office or downloaded online and faxed to us at 703-573-1284. See Patient Forms.  Once we receive the release, please allow 5-7 business days to process the request.